First blog post

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This is my blog, to share my adventures.

I decided in October to travel and see what I can see. I have been working non stop to save $15,000 for this trip  Also paid off a few bills along the way

I’m taking 6 months off June till December to see all these places

Germany, France, Budapest, Spain, London, Scotland, Ireland, Morroca, Egypt, India, Singapore, Japan  and where ever I find myself

So, hold on and I will share my adventures with you if you want to go.

Please only positive feedback already got to face a lot of unknown.

Love Ya



Ferry to Greece

I came to Brindisi Italy to catch a ferry to Greece. The city Brindisi is small and quite unlike Venice, Rome, and Naples. 

Although it’s a lot of people on the ferry but I have not seen any Americans. The fare  was very cheap. I’m seating in a seat that looks like the train seat. Also, got a 20% discount for having a Eurorail Pass. 

It takes 9 hours to reach the coast of Greece. Then I’ll find my way to Athens. 

San Sebastián 

San Sebastian Spain  was beautiful and clean. The water on one side and the mountains on the other. It was quite cool in the evening and early morning. The water was blue, everybody was at the beach and surfing must be a big thing there too.  
They had a post in one of the stores so I finally got to mail a post card to Mom. 

I walked up a mountain to see a statue of Jesus and it was one of Nepolean’s battle station.  It had a Muesum on the planning of the city. It had a beautiful view of the city from 360 degrees. 


The train was 20 minutes late to the last destination. Then the bus that was to take us to the other train station was not here. 

So, we are sitting outside (no benches or anything). Waiting for a bus It’s 3:20 am. Who you gonna call (oh by the way no data for me).

No wifi at this station, but we are just waiting for something to come along. 

The police stop by and called somebody. Yet I have been here waiting for an hour now and I missed my connection to the train. 

I’ve put my pants in my boots and my shirt in my pants. I have sleep in worse places. 

Italy your breaking my heart. The place looks poor and take care of your people coming to visit your country. 

Finally we got back on the train that brought us here and it too us to the train station our ticket was assigned too. 

It’s about 5 o’clock in the morning when we arrive. 

Will somebody tell me where all these African men are going too this early in the morning. Running like they late for something. 

Finally made it to my destination. 


This is the most surreal place on the planet. It does not have any trash on the streets or highway. It was raining when I left and this guy was out cutting the grass. 

The tourist just parked their cars and camped out by the mountains and lake. 

When construction slowed you down at the end they apologied for the inconvience. 

All the people talked to me like I was a neighbor down the street. They all said see you later instead of goodbye. 

They eat hardy break fax not the weepy bread and tea. 

They had the most amazing castles too. I felt right at home. As far as I’m concern they the nicest people on the planet. 

Paris France

We all dream of going to Paris France but it fell short to me. To use the public bathroom ,70€. This is each time. On the street outside you got to pay to use the toilet. Every body got those little Eiffel Towers to sell oh don’t forget the selfie sticks.  

The feel of the city was exciting! For people who live there do you not know how to get to the Eiffel Tower. 

Metro line 1 or yellow line get off on the one that’s says Eiffel Tower under the stop.  
This is huge if you have not seen it yet. Good vibe all around. Thanks to the Hyatt yeah that one for keeping my bag at the concierge desk for there customers.  

Well I’m off to see the Queen! Cup of tea any one.

France here I come

Spain has been exciting and now I will spend my last two days in San Sebastián Spain and fly to Paris France. The city I loved the most Grananda it is what I expected in a town and the old country. 

All the cobble stone streets. The people were more approachable. 

My favorite hostel was in Madrid, (Mola!)just because it was newer. You had your own space and the drawer under the bed could hold my Aunt Clotea bag (inside joke). It is in the heart of Center City. I walked out and everything was walking distance.

The best personality was in Cordaba (Princilla) at Funky Cordaba was the sweetest person at the hostels so far. All was nice but she honestly wanted me to be happy there. 

Now, it’s time to remember all my French thank God I downloaded all the languages in Google translate. 

Talk to y’all in France!